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Ebony Condom

Preparation for an amazing sexual experience doesn't start with foreplay. It starts with effort. Both men and women go through tremendous effort in preparation for the big event... Personal grooming, squats and sit ups, shaving and waxing, expensive clothes and fragrances, borrowing cars and jewelry, expensive dinners and travelling long distances.... ANYTHING to make a great impression.
After all that effort, there is nothing worse than an ANTI CLIMAX. It’s like watching a great trailer, only to experience a terrible movie. Ebony Condoms promises extra comfort, lubrication and heightened sensitivity that makes the effort worth it. Making good music takes effort. Using music as a metaphor, this direction shows how making love is similar to making music.
We developed a TVC called Symphony using the power of music and sound design to illustrate an exceptional sexual experience. The build-up of instruments and imagery, compliment a female opera vocalist and work together in a disruptive manner to communicate our promise of safe & pleasurable sex that's worth the effort.