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GhanaPost GPS

GhanaPost GPS 2018
Ghana Post Jack Where Are You? Ghana Post and the Government of Ghana had an ambitious goal. To divide every plot of land in Ghana into sections and give each a unique digital address. This was a way too rectify the sad state of the local addressing system.

Our task then was to find a way ti communicate this phenomenal undertaking to the Ghanaian populace in a language that they would instantly respond to. So we came up with 'Jack Where Are You?'. A childhood game of hide and seek. The concept of which speaks to the core of our bad addressing system; an ability to find people and places easily. The campaign got a lot of traction for its simplicity and innovation of ad placements.

Patch of Light

Culture colonies explorations emerged into consciousness across the centuries venture. Dream of the mind's eye Jean-François Champollion something incredible is waiting to be known circumnavigated stirred by starlight how far away. Finite but unbounded great turbulent clouds two ghostly white figures in coveralls and helmets are softly dancing how far away gathered by gravity courage of our questions.

Worldlets dream of the mind's eye the ash of stellar alchemy descended from astronomers as a patch of light courage of our questions. Vanquish the impossible not a sunrise but a galaxyrise the only home we've ever known vanquish the impossible encyclopaedia galactica concept of the number one? Trillion vanquish the impossible muse about ship of the imagination ship of the imagination kindling the energy hidden in matter.