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Meet the innovative minds driving creativity at Insel Communications. Our team is a fusion of strategic thinkers, creative visionaries, and tech enthusiasts committed to crafting impactful campaigns. With diverse talents, we thrive on collaboration, pushing boundaries to deliver cutting-edge solutions that captivate audiences and elevate brands to new heights.

Russel Eni
Managing Director
Wassim Bin Nashiru
Head of Accounts & Media
Magdaline Afutu
Accounts Manager
Sheila Abra
Emily Ama Tenadu
Saraphine Achiaa Pokuaa
Joshua Kwadzo Secku
Edem Eni
Head of Finance
Etornam Agbley
Head of Copywriting
Harrison Mensah Gyamerah
Creative Designer
Richard Awuku
Creative Designer
Charles Bus-Sam
Rowland Daliwe
Creative Designer
Stephen Tetteh Obu
Oluwatobi Williams
Creative Director
Nicholas Kitsi
Head of Design
Eunice Aboagyewaa Essiam
Accounts Manager
Shelter Akator
David Bandoh
Creative Designer
Jane Ama Andoh
Creative Designer
Kezia Armah
Accounts Manager
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